The car sharing service that cares

With KINTO Share you can enjoy the freedom of a car without the worry of owning one. Our cars are like an old friend, ready when you need them, closer than you think, and always reliable.

KINTO Share is perfect for occasions when you need a car. Be it a quick trip to the seaside, a business meeting in the city or collecting a new TV – there’s a KINTO Share to fit your needs. And the cars have fixed parking spaces to save you time looking for a space.



We have a selection of hybrid cars


No extra costs – petrol is included in the price


Save time looking for a parking space – they’re reserved


Choose between models to fit your needs


Book in advance, or take a spontaneous trip


You can drive anywhere in Denmark, or take them further afield


Our car fleet sets us apart. Our hybrids run on pure electric power for up to 50% of urban trips, so they are exceptionally quiet and, being automatic, both comfortable and easy to drive. The car automatically optimises the fuel consumption, switching to electric mode whenever possible.

• Toyota Hybrids emit 15 to 30 time less noxious gases than diesel motors

• Toyota Hybrids use less petrol, so they have a lower carbon footprint

• Drive up to 50% of the time in pure electric mode on urban trips

• Our hybrids are self-charging, so you don’t have to plug them in

Find your KINTO Share

  • Anker Heegaards Gade 8, Copenhagen V
  • Helgolandsgade, Copenhagen V
  • Krusågade 24, Copenhagen V
  • Kødboderne 24, Copenhagen V
  • Saxogade 61, Copenhagen V
  • Sturlasgade 10, Copenhagen S
  • Bådehavnsgade 42, Copenhagen SV
  • Valby Tag, Gammel Køge Landevej 55, Valby
  • Bjarke Ingels Group, Kløverbladsgade 56, Valby
Greater Copenhagen:
  • COWI, Parallelvej 2, Kgs. Lyngby
  • DTU Science Park, Agern Allé 15, Hørsholm
  • Væxthuset, Strandesplanaden 110, Vallensbæk Strand
  • Wihlborgs, Mileparken 22, Skovlunde
  • Eltel Networks, Hørkær 14, Herlev
  • World Trade Center, Borupvang 3, Ballerup
  • Skjeberg Allé, Høje Taastrup
  • Præstefælledvej 16, Kastrup
  • Vordingborg Boligselskab, Falunvej 8, Vordingborg
  • PortOne, Porthusgade, Aalborg

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