Company Car Sharing Service

KINTO Share is effortless car sharing, for everyone. Our cars are the easy, flexible alternative to taxis, carpooling and traditional company car solutions.

With KINTO Share your car is assigned to your company, so colleagues can book it to travel to and from meetings or conferences, to run errands, or to visit clients.

Your KINTO car is assigned to your place of work, so it is easily accessible for all employees. All you need to do, is ensure there’s a designated parking space for it.

Isn’t it a good idea?

Did you know that KINTO Share is also for companies?

If your company could be interested, we would love to talk to you about how KINTO Share’s car sharing service could become a part of your work life. Fill out the contact form here, and we will contact you about service offerings tailored to your needs. Or, call our customer service team on +45 80 20 30 40

Car sharing for all your needs

Choose between cars and vans. We have cars for all your needs, whether you’re running errands in a van, need a city car for meetings, or want to take an innovative SUV for a spin.


Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Perfect for the city
Easy and safe to park
More eco-friendly



Perfect for moving
High level of comfort
Lots of space for all your things

RAV4-Hybrid KINTO Share

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Perfect for company trips
Lots of space for the passengers
More eco-friendly

Car Sharing Prices for Companies

Company Car Sharing

The price of your company car sharing solution is estimated based upon your needs. Fill out the contact form below, and we will contact you to discuss your company’s options. 

Price for users

When employees use your KINTO car for work-related travel, the company pays. If they choose to use the car for personal trips, they pay their own fare. Check out KINTO for private use

*Prices include insurance and fuel. The excess is 5000 DKK and the insurance is only valid if the driver is over 22 years old. The minimum requirement for private trips is 100 DKK per trip.

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