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I hereby consent that the KINTO-organisation and its partners (45 legal entities in total) 1) may contact me electronically*, by letter and by telephone and process my personal data, including by transferring it among themselves 2) in relation to the accepted car- and mobility-related products and services 3), mentioned below. The processing is carried out in accordance with KINTO's privacy policy.

With regard to marketing purposes, my consent will only be used for the communication selected by me below, and only from the parts of the Kinto-organisation with whom I already have a relationship with. Therefore, my consent will not be used for excessive marketing.

I can always contact the KINTO-organisation regarding my data and my consent. I can always withdraw my consent by contacting the KINTO-organisation, either by email, telephone or in person.

Further, the KINTO-organisation may use my consent to ask if I wish to update my consent regarding new partners, products or means of communication.

* E.g. e-mails, notifications, push-messages, text-messages/mms, widgets, apps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, blogs, vlogs (videoblogs on e.g. Youtube), online games and the Internet.

Reminders to pick up my car etc. (4)
Be among the first to receive KINTO, Toyota or Lexus offers and news. (5)
Customer surveys with marketing, advertising or promotional content. (6)
Invitations to events and the possibility of winning prizes. (7)

1) The “KINTO organisation” currently comprises authorised Toyota dealers and Toyota workshops in Denmark/Faroe Islands (35 legal entities in total), authorised Lexus dealers and Lexus workshops in Denmark/Faroe Islands, KINTO (independent brand), Toyota Danmark A/S, Lexus Danmark A/S, Toyota Motor Europe nv/sa., Toyota Financial Services Danmark A/S, Lexus Financial Services Danmark A/S, Toyota Insurance Management SE, Lexus Insurance Management SE (independent brand), Toyota Fleet Management GmbH and the KINTO organisation’s partners. The KINTO organisation’s “partners” currently comprise Omoove/Octo Group S.p.A., Kinto Join Ltd. and Codan A/S. Toyota dealers and Toyota workshops as well as Lexus dealers and Lexus workshops are independent legal entities and the consent shall continue to apply with regard to these entities even if they cease being a Toyota or Lexus dealer or workshop, respectively.

2) eg. contact data (name, e-mail, address, telephone number etc.), data about my car (including photos and videos of the car) and my use of the car as well as physical and digital services offered by the KINTO organisation (e.g. data from the dealer regarding workshop visits, via cookies from websites, feedback regarding the KINTO-organisation etc.).

3) Mobility related products and services are full services leasing, subscription, carpooling, vehicle sharing, ride-hailing, taxi services and products and services related hereto

4) eg. to remind me that my car is due for maintenance service, an agreed test drive as well as the possible expiry of service agreement, insurance, leasing agreement or any other type of financing agreement as per a given date etc.

5) eg. about car and mobility-related products and services as well as stories about KINTO and your local dealer, workshop services, cars, accessories, leasing, financing, insurance and roadside assistance.

6) eg. when more information is required than for normal customer surveys, in order for the KINTO organisation to get to know me better as a customer or for the KINTO organisation to adjust products and communications.

7) eg. to invite me to VIP-arrangements, open house and participation in exciting competitions with exclusive prizes.

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